Splendid body cream for anti-cellulite massage

Splendid body cream for anti-cellulite massage
The product SPENDID BODY cream anti-cellulite massage is created based on fitocomplex DRENALIP™.

What is DRENALIP™?
DRENALIP™ is new standardized complex containing vegetal origin active ingredients. To create the complex are used plants with different properties:
1.    Astragalus – have strong lypolitic effect and inhibits the adipogenesis.
2.    Butcher's broom – it is considered for one of the best blood circulation activator.
3.    Lemon – contains flavonoids (naringin and hesperidin), having draining (anti-edema) and stimulatory effect.
4.    Goldenrod – strengthens the capillary vessels and reduces the liquid retention.
The ingredients included in DRENALIP™ perform a combined action that leads to a reduction of adipose tissue, a decrease in edema and an improvement in blood flow. Outstandingly appropriate for shock treatment of the cellulite.
The DRENALIP™ action is proved with carried out detailed in vivo and in vitro studies.

The cream is applied on a very well cleaned skin. The product is suitable for compact (hard) cellulite treatment and prevention of adipose accumulation. It is recommended to be used once a day.

Packing:      500 ml