Approximately 30% of the human proteins are composed of collagen. The skin is more elastic, firm and hydrated as well as with constantly renewed cells due to the collagen.

Collagen is fibrillar protein composed primarily of amino acids. Its molecule form a triple helix composed of three peptide chains. The collagen is formed as a result of metabolic process in the body of vertebrates. The molecular weight of the collagen triple helix is between 340000-380000 D. Therefore in this form it cannot penetrate deep into the skin and have biological effects. Scientifically is proven that in order to have biological effects on skin at molecular level the collagen should be processed and reduced to fragments of molecules with sizes between 3000÷5000 D – low molecular weight collagen hydrolysate.

Effect of the low molecular collagen hydrolysate:

- It works deep into the skin at the molecular level and contributes to the anti-wrinkle effect.

- Very easily is absorbed by the skin, and does not make its processing difficult.

- Highly moisturizing - quickly and easily absorbed and gives the skin the necessary moisture.

The end result is improved skin density and thickness, deeply moisturized, elastic and with great healthy look, when cosmetic products containing collagen hydrolysate in appropriate dosage are used.

Collagen slows down the aging process of the skin, smooth scars and stretch marks, helps in the treatment of burns, inflammations, acne, etc. It soothes skin after shaving and hair removal.