Fitocomplex DRENALIP™

Cellulite is a problem that affects an important number of people. It is caused by several disparate factors, including the accumulation of fatty tissue and poor blood circulation in the skin. The term cellulite was first used in 1920 to describe an aesthetic alteration of the skin surface that was commonly known as orange peel skin.

The fight against cellulite has several key points where we need to focus: it is necessary to stimulate blood circulation, reduce edema and act on adipose tissue in order to prevent and eliminate fat accumulations.

The main anti-cellulite ingredient in our products is DRENALIP™ - product of PROVITAL GROUP Spain. DRENALIP™ is a new standardized complex containing vegetal origin active ingredients designed to prevent and reduce the different factors responsible for cellulite. The DRENALIP™ action is proved with carried out detailed in vivo and in vitro studies. To create the DRENALIP™ complex are used plants with different properties: Astragalus, Butcher's broom, Lemon, Goldenrod

Astragalus is native of northeastern China, Siberia and central Mongolia. It is one of the oldest and most important plants in Chinese traditional medicine. Nowadays, astragalus is still one of the main toning agents used in Chinese phytomedicine. It has multiple applications in modern therapeutics. Some of its uses, such as its protective effect on the cardiovascular, nervous and hepatic system, are related to its proven antioxidant capacity. The Astragalus has strong lypolitic effect and inhibits the adipogenesis, and therefore it is a valuable natural resource in the fight against the cellulite.

Butcher's broom

Ruscus aculeatus L. is native to Mediterranean Europe and Africa. It is also known as Butcher’s broom. Butcher's broom is commonly used in the prevention and treatment of venous insufficiency, in urinary infections, articular disorders. The actions of this plant are mainly due to its content in steroidal saponins, including ruscogenin. Other active principles present in butcher's broom that complement its action are flavonoids such as rutin and hesperidin. The Ruscus is considered for one of the best blood circulation activator.


The citrus is native to Asia. But despite its oriental origins, have become one of the genus more closely linked to Mediterranean culture. The lemon’s flowers and fruits are used as ornaments, in natural medicine and in the traditional diet. The lemon finds different uses in the cosmetics. The rind is the part of the lemon that is used. In the fight against the cellulite of interest are the flavonoids that are contained in the lemon’s rind or peel - hesperidin and naringin that are having draining (anti-edema) and stimulatory effect.


The Goldenrod is spread over Europe, Asia, Northern Africa and North America. It is used in Europe for centuries as a diuretic, astringent and antiseptic remedy. Nowadays, it is used in the treatment of colds and kidney stones. The blossoms of the goldenrod are rich in flavonoids, and the rutin is the main representative of this group. The goldenrod extract strengthens the capillary vessels and reduces the liquid retention

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