Macadamia Oil

makadamiaThe macadamia is a tree from the Proteaceae family. It comes from the tropical forests of Queensland, Australia. This a tree with evergreen leaves, with height of about 20 meters, and its fruits are gathered when fall on the ground (the fruit have a nut). The oil which we use is from the macadamia’s nuts. It is prepared through a cold pressing without solvent. This is oil, which content of fatty acids resembles the one of the human skin sebum. It contains up to 85% monounsaturated triglycerides. About 20% of them are palmitic triglycerides that have antioxidant effect and protect the cell membrane.

The oil has main part for reducing the ageing effect. By its physical-chemical characteristics is close to the oils obtained from sea mammals. It doesn’t have fragrance, and it doesn’t leave stains on the clothes, it is easy for emulsifying, only for 65 seconds is absorbed by the epidermis. It allows the skin to breathe and does not prevent the water exchange. It has powerful softening properties, which provide optimal water-fatty balance and skin elasticity. It eliminates the redness, peeling and irritation of the skin. It is rich on nourishing substances and has pleasant walnut scent.

The macadamia oil contains monounsaturated palmitoleic acid / it is in the human skin/, which is not available in any other vegetable oil. The palmitoleic acid is contained in the skin and with the age its level reduces. Therefore the macadamia oil is significant for reducing the ageing effect. For its softening properties and hydrating effect it is wonderful for dry and ageing skin by helping it to keep its smoothness, elasticity and fresh look. The macadamia oil absorbs easily – and it is no accident that is called “disappearing oil. It is hypoallergenic, and it has wholesome effect on sensitive skins, it is ideal for massage during the pregnancy. It serves for prevention and reduction of stretch marks. It is used for babies in cases of irritations and cradle caps. It helps for sun burns, chafes and scars.

It is a valuable component of massage mixtures and bases for aromatherapy, because it has thick consistence and it practically hasn’t own scent. It is applied in many cosmetic fields – lotions, creams, gels, baby’s oils. For its high stability is preferred in the procedures with “hot oils”. It has regenerating effect, regulate the oil-glands secretion. The high content of palmitoleic acid is a factor for which the oil is recommended for nourishing and tonic the ageing skin. It is widely used in hair masks for its rich vitamins content and easy absorption in the root hair. Affects the metabolic and physiological processes in the body and it is one of the best basic oils in the aromatherapy. It is considered that reduces the cholesterol level in the blood. The macadamia oil nicely moisturizes and softens the skin, makes it healthy and beautiful, especially in the winter. It is ideal for all skin types.