Massage Cream MACADAMIA

Massage Cream MACADAMIA The product contains natural Australian nut Macadamia oil..
It has delicate fragrance and doesn’t contain allergens and preservatives.

With what is the MACADAMIA oil different than all the other ‘oils’?
The Macadamia oil is rich of monounsaturated Palmitoleic acid, which is not in the content of any other vegetable oil. As a matter of principle this acid is found only in the animal fats and by its structure resemble to the fatty acids in our skin. It also contains oleic acid, linolenic acid and other omega-3 and omega-6 acids. The high concentration of unsaturated fatty acids is the reason that makes the macadamia oil effective antioxidant scavenging the free radicals. In addition it can be said that it is a rich source of the vitamins A, E and microelements. When applied externally the oil absorbs quickly and makes the skin very soft. For all these reasons the macadamia oil is valuable raw material from a cosmetic standpoint.

When applied on the skin is melted and facilitates the sliding, helps to warm up and increases the therapeutical massage effect. The cream is suitable for all skin types, especially dry, inflamed, peeling, faded, flabby, ageing, problematic skin with dermatitis, after water procedures. It softens the rough parts of the skin, on the palms of the hands, the elbows and feet.

Packing:      500 ml                        

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