What exactly are the enzymes?
They are group of biologically active molecules that catalyze and regulate biochemical processes in the human body. Almost all of them have protein nature and practically are basis of all life process. They are distinguished by their extremely high efficiency and specificity of action.

The papain is enzyme that is present in the papaya fruit. Like other hydraulic proteolytic enzymes: bromelain, trypsin, pancreatin and hemotripsina, papain has the ability to degrade protein molecules in aquatic environment at certain acidity. It uses water molecules (hydrolytic) to disrupt amino acid chains of proteins (proteolytic). It is not difficult to guess that taking papain will reduce the digestive workload and it is no chance that in the pharmacies are offered various nutritional supplements containing papain. Papain is also used as enhancer of food products since it makes the meat tenderer. It is also applied in clarifying beer as well as in the cosmetics and in pharmaceutical industry.

The use of papain in cosmetics is due to the fact that it selectively breaks down the bonds between the dead cells and removes them from the skin surface, making it soft and smooth. In the cases when the use of exfoliating abrasive is counter-indicative – sensitive skin, skin redness, acne, rosacea etc. the facial masks containing papain enzyme are irreplaceable. These products could be used successfully also as a first step in skin white treatment due to the effective cleansing of the top skin layer.