Nourishing face mask with collagen

Маска за лице

Collagen is the main protein in human connective tissue. For the different organs its concentration varies, with the highest in the skin – approximately 70%.

It constantly renews, but after age of 25 this process slow down and gradually diminishes. The increasing collagen deficiency with the age leads to dry skin and reduces its elasticity.

The nourishing face mask contains fish collagen hydrolysate with small molecular weight. This allows easy absorption in the upper layer of the skin. The end result is improved skin density and thickness, deeply moisturized, elasticity and great healthy look.

In the composition of the product are also included macadamia oil and hyaluronic acid.


The product is suitable for normal and dry face skin. Apply and leave for 15-20 min. Then clean with a sponge or rinse only with water.

Packing:      230 ml